Designated Naloxone Kit Distribution Site:

 Opioid Education
 Training For Naloxone “Take-Home” Kits
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Full comprehensive eye exams including:
 Specialized diabetic eye exams including retinal photography
 Diabetic and Glaucoma
 Dry Eye Evaluations and all other eye concerns
 Large selection of glasses and frames
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Bigstone Inglewood Professional Centre is now offering FOOT-CARE
Why Do I Need Foot-Care?
Effective foot-care performed by qualified health professionals has proven to reduce the risk of lower limb amputation and circulatory complications by nearly 50%.
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Addictions counseling
Family and Individual counseling
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 NIHB & AADL approves vendor
 Pharmacist with prescribing authority and injection certification
 Tena Incontinence training
 Certified compression stocking fitters
 Direct billing to most insurance plans
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Opening Soon!

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Welcome to Bigstone Inglewood Professional Centre!

Bigstone Inglewood Professional Centre offers diverse and qualitative health services to the public in Edmonton area. Our professional team of primary health care personnel is well seasoned and experienced in providing top-level medical support.

We focused and detailed examinations and consultations. We are dedicated to providing support on any medical concern our customers may have.

Bigstone Inglewood Professional Centre Foot Care
No referral needed, open to PUBLIC Transportation Offering: Basic Foot care and assessment by licensed qualified nurses Foot care and Assessment/ screening for high-risk and Diabetics persons TAKE YOUR SHOES OFF AND LET US LOOK AT YOUR FEET! Why Do
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Diabetes and Circulatory Disorders
DIABETES AND CIRCULATORY DISORDERS Cause narrowing of blood vessels and reduced blood flow to the limbs, causing a decreased sensation and slower healing. This can cause the tiniest of cuts to quickly become infected, leading to necrosis and possible amputation.
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Adult and Teen Diabetic Education Programs
*No referral needed*  Our Team: Our team consists of Registered nurses, Licenced Practical Nurses, Registered Psychologists, Optometrists, Pharmacists and Podiatrists that are all knowledgeable and specially trained in diabetic management. Our Services:  We believe that diabetic education should be personally
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Bigstone Inglewood Professional Centre

11148 124 St NW, Edmonton, AB T5M 0J6