Bigstone Inglewood Professional Centre Foot Care

Bigstone Inglewood Professional Centre Foot Care

No referral needed, open to PUBLIC



  • Basic Foot care and assessment by licensed qualified nurses
  • Foot care and Assessment/ screening for high-risk and Diabetics persons


Why Do I Need Foot-Care?

Effective foot-care performed by qualified health professionals has proven to reduce the risk of lower limb amputation and circulatory complications by nearly 50%. ALL persons with diabetes or those at risk for diabetes as well as anyone with circulatory, history of foot ulcers or mobility issues should be receiving foot-care on a consistent basis.

Diabetes and circulatory disorders often lead to peripheral artery disease (PAD). PAD causes narrowing of blood vessels and reduced blood flow to limbs. It also causes peripheral neuropathy (PN-nerve damage) that prevents the feeling of pain. If you are unable to properly feel pain or sensation you may not realize that you have a foot wound and seek treatment. This can cause the tiniest of cuts to grow and become infected and eventually necrotic when combined with the reduced wound healing capabilities of those with circulation issues. Tissue damage and infection may also spread to the bone. Often these infections cannot be contained and unfortunately the damage to the body may be irreparable leaving amputation as the only viable solution.

We Want To Empower Our Patients With Education

In addition to our foot-care and high risk screening services we also focus on patient education.  Amputations and infections bring irrevocable consequences and diminished quality of life. We want to work together to help you learn how to self-manage your diabetes or chronic illness to prevent these complications from occurring.

Did You Know?

  • Persons with diabetes are at 15 times greater risk of lower limb amputation than the general public.
  • More than 90% of diabetic amputees had been considered “high-risk” in the period leading up to their procedure.
  • Approximately 70% of persons die within five years of having an amputation.
  • Diabetic foot complications are the most common cause of hospitalization in diabetic patients and one of the largest concerns within North American health systems.
  • Foot-care and improved diabetes management have resulted in lower limb amputations to be reduced by half!

With consistent and effective diabetes management, foot care and wound care, persons with diabetes and circulatory diseases can significantly reduce their risk of amputation or prevent it entirely! Let us help you today!