Adult and Teen Diabetic Education Programs

Adult and Teen Diabetic Education Programs

*No referral needed*

 Our Team:

Our team consists of Registered nurses, Licenced Practical Nurses, Registered Psychologists, Optometrists, Pharmacists and Podiatrists that are all knowledgeable and specially trained in diabetic management.

Our Services:

 We believe that diabetic education should be personally catered to each individual. Our programs are one on one and designed to address your unique needs and lifestyle. Whether you need counseling, assistance with meal planning and diet, foot-care, assistance with medications and insulin, education on diabetic management and living with diabetes our team is here for you.


– Daily Management of Type 2 Diabetes

– Long Term Management of Diabetes

– Healthy Eating, meal planning, blood glucose and physical activity education

-Medication management (insulin and oral medication)

-Foot Care

-Mental health services

-Optometry services

-Wound care